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Links to Esoteric, Spiritual and Inspirational Sites...


The homesite of Robert Bruce.

William Buhlman’s Out of Body Site
William Buhlman is the author of Adventures Beyond the Body and The Secret of the Soul. He is an expert in numerous out-of-body and past life regression techniques from the shamanistic to the modern.


Magical Almanac Ezine
"A free monthly ezine of astrology and magick for thoughtful, intelligent people who are seeking something deeper than the usual New Age – astrological fare".


PaperFrog is a "Buddhist-inspired journal".

Access to Insight
Access to Insight provides a wealth of information concerning the practice and study of Theravada Buddhism.

Buddha Dust
"A presentation of The Buddha's Teaching in the form of a set of tools one can use to explore the inter-relationships between the Pali Language, The Pali as a system, and understanding and putting the system into practice in today's world."

"BuddhaNet aims to facilitate a significant Buddhist presence in the ever-expanding realm of computer communications technology, applying this technology to helping make the Buddha's teachings freely available to all."

DharmaNet International
A wide variety of Buddhist electronic resources.

The Dalai Lama
The official website of the Dalai Lama.

Sakyadhita: The International Association of Buddhist Women
"We wish to offer comprehensive resources to assist Buddhist women around the world in their efforts to practise the Dharma and to create a better world."

The Zen Studies Society
The Zen Studies Society was established in 1956 to assist the Buddhist scholar D.T. Suzuki in his efforts to introduce Zen to the West.


International Association of Near-Death Studies
The premier research organization in the field of near-death studies.

Offers support and inspiration for the awakening process.

Janaka Stagnaro
Janaka Stagnaro is a Waldorf teacher, poet, artist and storyteller. His website features Janaka's inspirational books, artwork, poetry and articles.

House of the Sun
"In House of the Sun Dirk Gillabel gives you esoteric, spiritual and shamanistic knowledge, life lessons and spiritual experiences to guide your soul on its path of life".

"Openhand - unveiling the true self. Openhand is dedicated to our enlightenment. It challenges us to go inwards questioning who and what we are, peeling back the layers of illusion in which we live until we discover absolute inner peace. We are an evolving community providing information, facilitation, courses, tools and resources to help reveal our own truth so that we may lead the lives we were born to live".

Indigo and Crystal children
A forum covering indigo/crystal, tarot, angels, spirituality, spirits, Lightworkers and psychic experiences.

"A fast growing spiritual based online community with no limitations or barriers..."
"Esoteric books and articles - there is nothing new under the Sun. Much of the best books on Spirituality had been written already. Murine Press out-of-print publishing".
"Talking with Jesus About the Nature of Reality".


The Holistic Care
"The Holistic Care is dedicated to spreading holistic Alternative Medicines specially Yoga and Energy Medicines freely all over the world. The Holistic Care provides free energy healing, Free Reiki Attunements, Free yoga resources".

Online Resource Guide, Tools for Meditation, Self Hypnosis, Self-Healing and Self Improvement.

The Divine Heart
Guidance and support to help you connect with heart and awaken to divine spirit. Free self-healing guide, newsletter, articles, essays, poems, books & blog on spiritual growth, awakening to divine wisdom & opening to pure unconditional love.  Material from author, energy consultant, & multidimensional communication specialist Joe Hurley, and please submit your own works too!


In the Hands of Alchemy
In 1979, while at the top of his career, New York artist Jerry Wennstrom destroyed all his art. An intense spiritual search led him back to art. The site shows Jerry's old art, his newer pieces, and describes his process.


Bnei Baruch World Center for Kabbalah Studies
"kabbalah, kabbalah lessons, free courses, kabbalah books, distant learning, kabbalah mp3 - Questions and Answers, Live lessons and music broadcast, kabbalah FAQ"

Web Of Qabalah
"A comprehensive resource for the practice and study of Qabalah, for both beginners and advanced students".


Meditation For Everyone
Non-Religious Non-Mystical Meditation For Everyone.


Dick Sutphen
America’s renowned reincarnation expert.


Esoteric Science
Esoteric Science integrates the individual systems of science, psychology, philosophy, spirituality and religion into a unified system that describes the multi-dimensional nature of man and the universe. It explains the science behind spirituality and reveals the true origins of religion. It provides a more comprehensive description of reality than conventional science can offer and fully explains the mechanisms behind an array of paranormal phenomena that mainstream science chooses to ignore.


O Lanoo!
Background material on O Lanoo! - The Secret Doctrine Unveiled by Harvey Tordoff.

Theosophical Society in America
The Theosophical Society in America is part of the world-wide Theosophical Society. Check out the international directory for your nearest branch, or just take a look at what's on offer: self-study courses, programs of events, and some background writing on the basic elements of theosophy.

Theosophical Society
The Theosophical Society is worth a visit. Read the original translation of the stanzas of Dzyan.

Blavatsky Net Foundation
The Blavatsky Net Foundation will tell you all you ever wanted to know about Madame Blavatsky.

Theosophy Online
Theosophy Online is dedicated to "the spiritual enlightenment of humanity". You will find an on-line library with detailed articles on the more technical aspects, and follows Blavatsky's approach by making comparisons with the Bhagavad Gita, the Koran, etc.