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Healing Mind and Body

Healing Mind and Body

A selection of articles about healing, including spiritual healing and the power of thought...



Fighting Terror with Forgiveness
Seven Steps of Forgiveness. Taken from A Little Book of Forgiveness by D. Patrick Miller.

Radical Forgiveness
Alex Paterson reviews Colin Tipping's healing technique.

Soul Shock
A soul connection is the most powerful soul level connection with someone and when separations occur you just can't "get over it" or "move on" however hard you try...

Survival Predictions May Hasten Death
A letter to the British Medical Journal by Daniel J. Benor, MD.

The Healing Stream
Opening to the healing stream awakens our awareness of the divine within and around us.

Healing Discomfort With Courage, Grace, Wisdom and Love
Discomfort exists for a reason. As you understand this, you gain the key to healing your discomfort...

The Divine Heart: Inspiration, Love, Wisdom and Guidance
You can open your heart and re-experience the amazing levels of human love, wisdom, and joy, that you know are inside you. You can open up to the real you, to the divine you, now...

Thoughts on The Healing Power of Illness by Dethlefsen and Dahlke (a wonderfully radical book!)
An article by Tim Bellows.

Programming Your Crystals
Cheryl Twyford shows how to program crystals for a specific purpose, such as for healing or protection.


The Amazing Cures of a Brazilian Miracle Man
A gifted spirit medium, João de Deus incorporates spirit entities who perform physical surgery and psychic healing through him with miraculous results.

A Psychiatrist Examines Fears of Healing
Despite this impressive body of evidence, healing continues to be ignored by conventional medicine, or worse, denigrated and denied to sick people who might otherwise enjoy its benefits. This paper examines some of the reasons spiritual healing has not been accepted by the Western scientists.

Aspects of Spiritual Healing & the Spiritualization of Matter
Spiritual awarenesses from spiritual healing experiences. An essay by Daniel J. Benor, MD.

Spiritual Healing as the Energy Side of Einstein's Equation
Daniel J. Benor, MD examines the possible overlaps between spiritual healing and quantum physics.

Distant Healing
A review of distant healing studies by Daniel J. Benor, MD.


An Introduction to EFT
EFT is a very powerful, but easy to apply technique based upon impressive new discoveries regarding the body's subtle energies. It has been used to treat a huge variety of symptoms - from phobias to serious disease and often works where nothing else will.

Using EFT With “The Secret”
EFT Master Pat Carrington delves into the complexities of the Law of Attraction as depicted by the DVD and book known as "The Secret".

Taking "The Secret" for a walk with EFT
"The Secret" popularizes the concept known as The Law of Attraction. This article shows how to combine this concept with EFT in order to achieve more benefits.

30 Years of Insomnia Cleared in One EFT Session
Tim Watts shows how he used EFT to get to the root cause of a client's long term insomnia.



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