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UFO Phenomenon

UFO Phenomenon

A look at various aspects of the UFO phenomenon, from Roswell and the controversial alien autopsy footage to Area 51 and how the acquisition of alien technology may explain the speed of recent technological developments.


Electromagnetic Fusion and ET Space Technology
Space technology consultant David Adair talks to Robert M. Stanley about his extraordinary experiences at Area 51 when, as a mere teenager, he was testing one of his electromagnetic fusion engine prototypes.

Reverse-Engineering Roswell UFO Technology
Computer company chief Jack Shulman argues that the transistor could never have been invented so suddenly at AT&T in late 1947 without input from top secret Government projects, that some have identified to him as being from alien spacecraft.

The Alien Autopsy Film
Michael Hesemann, author of Beyond Roswell, investigates the controversial alien autopsy footage.

Alien Autopsy - Game Over
Philip Mantle, author of Alien Autopsy Inquest, investigates Ray Santilli’s controversial ‘Alien Autopsy Film’.

Meetings with Remarkable Aliens
Linda Moulton Howe talks to Jim Sparks about his life-changing encounter with reptoid aliens, whose message for saving planet Earth may veil their true intentions.

The Real KGB UFO Files
An interview with the former Deputy Commander of the KGB Nikolay Alekseyevich Sham.

Mysteries of Siberia's "Valley of Death"
Across a vast area of sparsely populated Yakutia in Siberia can be found strange metallic structures and evidence of devastating nuclear-type explosions every six or seven centuries.

Mysteries of Siberia's "Valley of Death" II
Eyewitness reports suggest that an ancient high-tech "Installation" in remote Siberia was responsible for sending guided plasma sphere weapons to destroy a meteorite over Tunguska in 1908.

The Installation: An Interview with Valery Uvarov
Extracts from an interview by Graham Birdsall with Valery Uvarov of Russia's National Security Academy.

UFOs & EBEs - More Insider Evidence
This testimony from a former US Army Signal Corps and CIA officer is the latest to confirm that the US government and military are withholding the facts about extraterrestrial craft and biological entities. An article by Linda Moulton Howe.

The Dragon Snake: A Solomon Islands UFO Mystery
The startling experiences of a former RAAF engineer, Marius Boirayon, along with his knowledge of the Solomon Islanders' long history of encounters with strange aerial craft and alien beings, sparked him to search for hidden UFO bases.

UFOs: Physical or Subtle?
Acclaimed author and lecturer Dr. Richard L. Thompson examines aspects of the 'UFO phenomena'.

Decoding UFO / Alien Phenomena
Australian researcher John Lister looks at the politics and possible motivations of the 'leading lights' in today's burgeoning UFO movement.

A Brief Account of the True Nature of the UFO Entities
Gordon Creighton presents an interesting "alternative" to the UFO Phenomenon.


ParaSETI: ET Contact via Subtle Energies
Have signals from intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe passed us by because our technology is not designed to detect a range of more subtle energy frequencies? An article by Gavin Dingley.

The Physical Appearance of Intelligent Aliens
If intelligent extraterrestrial life exists, what physical appearance is it likely to have?



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