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Auras and Chakras

Auras & Chakras

A range of articles looking at auras and chakras, including guides to seeing auras, aura photography and how to interprete aura colors.



What Color is Your Aura?
Sachu Anchan looks at auras, Kirlian photography, the meaning of aura colors and how to see auras.

Types of Aura
The various types of aura.

How Auric Sight Works
The relationship between normal and auric sight.

The Human Aura and Color
How the aura interacts with other colors.

That Glimmer Of Life
Robert Bruce describes his experiences observing the auras of people with terminal illness.


How To See An Aura (basic technique)
A step by step guide to seeing auras.

How to see, read and interpret auras.

Why Most People Fail To See Auras
The most common reason people fail to see auras is simply the way they go about it...


Aura Cameras
How aura cameras work.

A New Technique for Viewing the Aura
Chuck Shramek looks at ways to view auras using computer imaging.


Energy Centres (Chakras)
An introduction to chakras.



Spiritual books Books Books about Auras
Spiritual books Books Books about Chakras
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What Color Is Your Aura

What Color Is Your Aura
by Barbara Bowers

Auras are the colored bands of light that surround everyone's body.

What Color Is Your Aura? is the only book available that will tell readers what color their aura is and what it reveals about their personality, emotions, talents and potential.

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